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Table 1 Findings of the Study

From: The concept of virginity from the perspective of Iranian adolescents: a qualitative study

Main themesSubthemesNumber of Participants 
Nonacceptance of physical intimacyLack of any emotional relationship with the opposite sexTwo female intervieweesBeing a virgin means having no emotional connection with any man, except one’s husband.
According to Islamic teachings, an emotional connection with any man other than one’s husband is not acceptable.
Lack of physical contactFive interviewees (four females and one male)I think it’s okay to love a woman even if you text or call her but you shouldn’t have physical contact.
“An emotional relationship is ok as long as the man and woman don’t touch each other and only call or talk to one another.
Acceptance of physical intimacyNonpenetrative relationshipFour participants (two females and two males)…..It means not having sex…..
I am still virgin when I flirt but I should not have sex.
Do you think kissing makes you not a virgin anymore? Not until you have sex.”
Virginity as a mythThree of the female interviewees“The concept of virginity is ridiculous. What wise person would believe this?
It’s a lie. It wants to say to women that they are not equal to men. It deprives free sexual relationship, while it is an absolute right.
Virginity as a commitmentFive interviewees (three males and two females)…. Virginity means loyalty to your boyfriend.
It means only being with your girlfriend.
Virginity means being faithful to your sexual partner. It could be your boyfriend or husband. There is no difference between a boyfriend or a husband.
Having an intact hymenFourteen of the interviewees (nine females and five males)“….. Not having vaginal sex”
“For example, I can have anal sex so that my virginity is maintained.”
“….it means having a hymen….”
“It does not mean having no sex. It means having a hymen, which means you can have other types of sex.
Not knowing the meaning of virginity Three of the interviewees
(Three females)