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Table 3 Odds ratios of child passenger safe and risk behaviors overtime by study years

From: Prevalence of child passenger restraint use in Shantou, China from 2012 to 2017

Sit on an adult’s lapa
 Age 0–17 groupReference0.51 (0.42,0.59)**0.59 (0.51,0.68) **
Sit in the front row
 Age 0–11 groupReference0.42 (0.37,0.48)**0.27 (0.23,0.31)**
Sit in the rear row, CRS use
 Age 0–11 groupReference8.50 (5.44,13.28)**10.95 (7.02,17.08)**
Seat belt use
 Age 12–17 groupReference0.80 (0.59,1.07)1.40 (1.06,1.85)*
  1. OR value was obtained by conducting logistic regression with selected age sub-group as listed. OR was adjusted for child’s gender and age. *P<0.05. ** P<0.001