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Table 5 Estimates of effects on percent of LPA during recess

From: An observational study of recess quality and physical activity in urban primary schools

Estimation of covariance parameters
ParameterEstimates.e.Wald Zp-value95% CI of the estimate
Residual.074.00241.00<.001.071, .078
Intercept Variance (recess).003.0013.60<.001.002, .006
Estimation of fixed effects
ParameterEstimates.e.Ttest statisticp-value95% CI of the estimate
Intercept.201.0633.21.002.076, .326
Gender.152.0532.86.004.048, .257
School.004.0031.18.241−.003, .010
Safety and Structure of Environment.004.005.885.379−.004, .012
Adult Engagement and Supervision.008.0051.52.133−.003, .019
Student behaviors−.006.004−1.41.163−.014, .002
Gender * Safety and Structure of Environment−.002004−.679.497−.009, .005
Gender * Adult Engagement and Supervision−.008.005−1.50.133−.017, .002
Gender * Student behaviors.009.0032.83.005.003, .015