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Table 1 Descriptive statistics

From: An observational study of recess quality and physical activity in urban primary schools

VariableMeanSDRange (possible range)
Total Recess Quality Score41.157.4419–54 (14–56)
 Safety and Structure of Environment14.963.496–20 (5–20)
 Adult Engagement and Supervision10.612.495–16 (4–16)
 Student Behaviors15.583.375–20 (5–20)
Physical Activity
 Percent of time spent in MVPA50.54%35.96%0–100%
 Percent of time spent in LPA36.42%29.20%0–100%
Psychological Need Satisfaction15.902.854–20 (4–20)
Engagement in Recess Activities (percent of students)
 Organized activities30%24%0–92%
 Anti-social behavior1%3%0–22%
 Non-engaged in play30%22%0–84%
 Running/chasing games17%15%0–76%
 Traditional playground games16%14%0–68%
 Rough and tumble play2%7%0–52%