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Table 1 Study quality assessment results completed according to the Downs and Black checklist for randomised and non-randomised healthcare interventions [19]

From: Interventions to prevent or treat childhood obesity in Māori & Pacific Islanders: a systematic review

Authors & Country Design Downs and Black scorea Study quality
Anderson, C.Y et al. (2017) [22] (New Zealand) RCT (Treatment) 20 Good
Chansavang, Y. et al. (2015) [23] (New Zealand) Pre/post mixed methods (Treatment) 16 Fair
Gittelsohn, J. et al. (2010) [24] (USA - Hawaii) Pre/post with control (Prevention) 17 Fair
Maddison, R. et al. (2014) [27] (New Zealand) RCT (Treatment) 19 Fair
Rush, E. et al. (2012) [26] (New Zealand) RCT (Prevention) 23 Good
Rush, R. et al. (2014) [25] (New Zealand) RCT (Prevention) 19 Fair
  1. RCT Randomised controlled trial
  2. aOut of a possible 28. Score ranges: excellent (26–28); good (20–25); fair (15–19); and poor (≤14)