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Table 1 Socioeconomic factors associated with self-reported hypertension in Yazd Greater Area. 2014–2015

From: Awareness, treatment, and control of hypertension and related factors in adult Iranian population

Crude prevalence181718.5
Age-Standardized prevalence10.5
Age group
 primary school and less88134.6
 high school48417.4
 diploma and graduate diploma32311.3
 BSc & MSc. and doctorate1107.3
Migration status
 Yazd native137419.1
 From within the Yazd province22822.2
 From other Iranian provinces16113.0
 from overseas2913.8
Duration of hypertension (years)
  < 11136.6
  > = 759535.0
When was the last time you visited your doctor?
  < 1 month57034.0
 1–3 months62537.3
 4–6 months21913.1
 6–12 months1156.9
  > 1 year1478.8
Having health insurance173397.4
positive Family history of hypertension124772.2
positive Family history of CVD68639.8
positive Family history of DM70539.0