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Table 5 Characteristics associated with the health system delaya

From: Delays in diagnosing pulmonary tuberculosis within a context of medium incidence, Medellín, Colombia, 2017: an operational research

CharacteristicsHRc (95%CI)Value pHRa (95% CI)bValue p
Age (years)
  < 60Ref.    
  ≥ 601.05(0.72–1.52)0.8131.08(0.72–1.62)0.719
Marital status
 Married - common-lawRef. 
Health insurance
 No tobacco useRef. 
 Past tobacco use1.45(0.99–2.11)0.051
 Current tobacco use1.81(1.22–2.69)0.003
PAS Consumption
 Former consumer1.34(0.66–2.74)0.423
Close contact with TB patient
Medical consultations before Dx
  ≤ 2Ref.    
  > 20.25(0.18–0.36)0.0000.33(0.22–0.49)0.000
AFB as HCP conduct
Chest X-ray as HCP conduct
Hx HCP conduct
Antibiotics as HCP conduct
Antitussives as HCP conduct
  1. HRc crude hazard ratio; 95%CI confidence interval at 95%; HRa adjusted hazard ratio; PAS psychoactive substances; AFB acid-fast bacilli; Dx diagnosis; HCP health care provider; Hx hospitalization
  2. a The end point for health system delay was the start of treatment
  3. b Estimations adjusted for age, gender, AFB smear, medical consultations before Dx, AFB smear as HCP conduct and Hx as HCP conduct
  4. c Institutionalized in municipal shelter