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Table 4 Characteristics associated with patient delaya

From: Delays in diagnosing pulmonary tuberculosis within a context of medium incidence, Medellín, Colombia, 2017: an operational research

CharacteristicsHRc (95%CI)Value pHRa (95% CI)bValue p
Age (years)
  < 60Ref. Ref. 
  ≥ 601.08(0.74–1.57)0.6811.09(0.73–1.63)0.679
 MaleRef. Ref. 
Educational level
 SuperiorRef. Ref. 
Socioeconomic level
Health insurance
Work status
Health care worker
PAS Consumption
 NoRef. Ref. 
 Former consumer0.60(0.29–1.22)0.1590.73(0.35–1.54)0.413
Medical history diabetes
Close contact with TB patient
 NoRef. Ref. 
  1. HRc crude hazard ratio; 95%CI confidence interval at 95%; HRa adjusted hazard ratio; PAS psychoactive substances; AFB acid-fast bacilli; Dx diagnosis; HCP health care provider; Hx hospitalization
  2. a The end point for patient delay was the first contact with a health care provider
  3. b Estimations adjusted for age, gender, educational level, PAS consumption, and close contact with TB patient