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Table 3 Characteristics of the health care-seeking behaviour of new patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in Medellín, Colombia, May–September 2017

From: Delays in diagnosing pulmonary tuberculosis within a context of medium incidence, Medellín, Colombia, 2017: an operational research

Characteristics of health care-seeking behaviourTotalPDHSD
n (%)Me [IQR]Me [IQR]
183 (100)35 [14–84]27 [7–89]
First behaviour conducted by the patient
 Consulted health institution75(40.98)29[7–75]
 Took home remedies36(19.67)48.5[27–94]
 Consulted private doctor12(6.56)27.5[8–71]
 Consulted a pharmacy9(4.92)59[32–65]
Medical consultations before the diagnosis
  ≤ 2113(61.75)11[5–30]
  > 270(38.25)90[45–145]
AFB smear as HCP conduct84(45.90)13[7–37]
Chest X-ray as HCP conduct73(39.89)15[6–59]
Antitussives as HCP conduct46(25.14)70[32–130]
Antibiotics as HCP conduct29(15.85)63[20–105]
Hx as HCP conduct27(14.75)4[2–12]
Analgesics as HCP conduct7(3.83)65[29–118]
  1. PD patient delay; HSD health system delay; Me median; IQR interquartile range; HCP health care provider; AFB acid-fast bacilli; Hx hospitalization
  2. Note: The variable first behaviour conducted by the patient was not kept in mind for the HSD. The variables medical consultations before the diagnosis, AFB as HCP conduct, chest X-ray as HCP conduct, antitussives as HCP conduct, and antibiotics as HCP conduct, Hx as HCP conduct and analgesics as HCP conduct were not kept in mind in the PD