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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of new patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in Medellín, Colombia, May–September 2017

From: Delays in diagnosing pulmonary tuberculosis within a context of medium incidence, Medellín, Colombia, 2017: an operational research

Clinical characteristicsTotalPDHSD
n (%)Me [IQR]Me [IQR]
183 (100)35 [14–84]27 [7–89]
 No tobacco use111(60.66)30[14–91]41[11–106]
 Past tobacco use37(20.21)48[9–75]17[6–62]
 Current tobacco use35(19.13)61[28–87]13[4–51]
Alcohol consumption
 Former consumer15(8.20)63[19–101]15[6–50]
PAS consumption
 Former consumer8(4.37)70[20–178]20.5[6–35]
Medical history diabetes
HIV serological status
AFB smear
Close contact with TB patient
Chest X-ray
  1. PD patient delay; HSD health system delay; Me median; IQR interquartile range; PAS psychoactive substances; HIV human immunodeficiency virus; AFB acid-fast bacilli
  2. Note: The variables AFB smear and chest x-rays were not kept in mind for the PD