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Table 1 Study outcomes measurement for both groups of participant

From: The PAPHIO study protocol: a randomised controlled trial with a 2 x 2 crossover design of physical activity adherence, psychological health and immunological outcomes in breast cancer survivors

Outcome measurement Method Week 1 Baseline (T1) Week 12 (T2) Week 24 (T3)
Primary outcomes
 Psychology health DASS-21 x x x
 QoL FACT-B version 4 questionnaire x x x
 Immune cell functions Isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells x x x
Secondary outcomes
 Daily step count/Average activity volume assessment Step count tracker x x x
 Adherence in pedometer usage Step count tracker wearing time with data capture (daily hours and the number of wearing days)   x x
 Exercise self-regulation; BREQ2 x x x
 Exercise barrier and task self-efficacy Exercise barrier and task self-efficacy rating scale x x x