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Table 3 Health education effect on knowledge and behaviors towards infectious diseases: difference in difference (DID) estimation

From: The effect of health education on knowledge and behavior toward respiratory infectious diseases among students in Gansu, China: a quasi-natural experiment

KindsItemsNo covariateWith covariates
DID estimatorSER2PDID estimatorSER2P
knowledge towards infectious diseasek1. Which of the following are infectious diseases?0.600.020.470.00***0.620.020.490.00***
k2. What’s the transmission way of the mumps?−0.380.030.130.00***−0.370.030.140.00***
k3. What methods can prevent mumps?0.640.020.440.00***0.640.020.440.00***
k4. What’s the transmission way of the TB?******
k5. What are the symptoms of TB?***
k6. Whether the examination and treatment of TB is free in China?*****
k7. Can the TB be cured?******
k8. What’s the transmission way of the flu?0.430.030.130.00***0.430.030.140.00***
k9. What methods can prevent flu?−***−***
Scores of knowledge towards infectious diseases1.680.090.370.00***1.550.090.400.00***
behaviors towards infectious diseaseb1. Do you wash your hands before having a meal?******
b2. Do you wash your hands after you go to the toilet?******
b3. If you have phlegm, how do you usually deal with it?**
b4. Whether you cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing?******
b5. If you found you have a fever in school, what should you do?0.350.030.190.00***0.490.030.260.00***
b6. If you suspect yourself having TB, where will you go to see a doctor?0.360.020.130.00***0.520.020.240.00***
Scores of behaviors towards infectious diseases1.***1.380.090.330.00***
  1. a. The Means and Standard Errors are estimated by linear regression; b. Inference: *** p < 0.01; ** p < 0.05; * p < 0.1. c. The R2, also known as the coefficient of determination, reflects the percentage of the dependent variables change which the linear model can explain. The range of R2 is 0–1, the larger the R2, the higher the interpretation degree of the dependent variables can explain the independent variables