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Table 4 Summary of reliability assessment by domains

From: The development of a questionnaire to assess leisure time screen-based media use and its proximal correlates in children (SCREENS-Q)

Domain Test-retest reliabilitya (N = 31)
Screen Media Environment
(7 questions- 39 items)
Substantial to almost perfect (kappa values 0.76 to 0.93)
Observed agreement range from 61 to 100%
(only 5% had less than 80% of observed agreement)
Childs Screen Media Use
(3 questions-16 items)
Moderate to good (ICC = 0.67 to 0.90)
Substantial (kappa values 0.68 to 0.79)
Observed Agreement range from 89.5 to 95.2%
Context of screen media use
(2 questions- 2 items)
Moderate to Substantial (kappa values: 0,41 and 0.72)
Observed agreement: 88.5 and 96.1%
Early exposure
(1 question – 4 items)
Almost perfect (kappa values 0.89 to 0.97)
Observed agreement: 98.4–99.6%
Parental perception of child’s media use behavior
(1 question- 16 items)
Fair to almost perfect (kappa values 0.37 to 0.85)
Observed agreement range from 81.5 to 96.4%
Parental Media Use
(3 questions-15 items)
Moderate to good (ICC = 0.69 to 0.75)
  1. aFor binary categorical response options ordinary kappa was calculated, for ordinal response options weighted kappa was calculated and for continuous variables intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC) and Limits of agreement (LOA) were calculated