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Table 1 Domains of screen-media use and proximal correlates included in the SCREENS-Q, example questions and response categories

From: The development of a questionnaire to assess leisure time screen-based media use and its proximal correlates in children (SCREENS-Q)

Domains Number of questions and items (question-number in SCREENS-Q)
Chosen statistical test for reliability
Areas of interest/example questions and response category
Screen media environment 7 questions
43 items reduced to 39
(3, 4, 5, 6,7 8 + 8.1, 10, 11)
Kappa, weighted kappa
Does your child have its own: laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone, TV, not-hand-held device (PlayStation/x-box/Nintendo), hand-held-device (I.e. PSP, Nintendo Switch, and Gameboy), E-reader, Other (yes/no)?
How many of the following screen media devices are present in the household where the child lives? (numbers)
How often has the child used the following screen media devices in the household within the past month [same devices as above]? (5- point Likert scale; every day – never).
Access to screen medias during school time (4- point Likert scales; never – daily).
How often is the TV on in your home without anyone watching? (4- point Likert scale; never – daily)
Rules for Screen media use set by the parents (9 questions (after field-testing reduced to 5), categorial response options: agree/disagree)
Childs Screen Media Use 3 questions
16 items
(9, 12, 13)
ICC and BA plots
Time spent on screen medias (hours and minutes) allocated on different activities (Film/TV, games, homework, social medias, and film or musical apps) on a typical weekday/weekend day? (none, 1–29 min, 30–59 min, 1–2 h., 2–3 h., 3-4 h, 4–5 h, > 5 h)
How many days a week does your child have screen media use the first 30 min after waking up in the morning? / the last 30 min before he/she goes to sleep (0–5 days a week/0–2 days in the weekend), on a typical day (weekday/weekend day)
How many minutes/hours does your child use screen media before school, after school – before dinner, after dinner? (0, 15, 30, 45, 60.90. 120, 150, 180, 240, 300, 330)
Context of screen media use 2 questions
2 items
(14, 15)
Weighted kappa
When using screen media, how often does your child use more than one screen device? (5- point Likert scale: never-always)
When your child use screen media is it then usually with: 1) you/another adult, 2) friends, 3) siblings, 4) alone
Early exposure 1 question
4 items
2 items changed after field-testing
(17, 17.1, 17.2, 17.3)
Weighted kappa
Age when child has its own tablet/smartphone (age 0–7)
Instead of2 questions asking about age of daily use, we inserted 2 questions of age when child had its own PC and laptop
Parental perception of child’s media use 1 question
16 items
Weighted kappa
If your child can choose activity on its own will he/she choose screen media / play outside, Screen media use helps my child; calm down, learn math, read, write, social networking,
My child’s screen media use is sufficient?
I am worried about my child’s SMU in relation to mental/physical health?
Making rules for SMU often leads to conflicts?
My child wishes to use screen medias on a daily basis.
(4-point Likert scale, totally agree-totally disagree)
Parental Media Use 3 questions
15 items
(18, 18.1, 19)
Kappa, Weighted kappa
ICC and BA plots
Parents were asked if the home was their primary place for working (yes/no, unemployed) and if yes, how much time they spend on work related screen time in the home (min and hours).
Time spent on screen medias (hours and minutes) allocated on different activities (film/TV, games, SoMe, Facetime/Skype, surfing the internet, Other:i.e. photo-, film, office programs) on a typical weekday/weekend day?
(none, 1–29 min, 30–59 min, 1–2 h, 2–3 h, 3–4 h, 4–5 h, > 5 h)