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Table 6 Distribution of population and household profile indicators among group B districts (which did not have a medical school in 2009) with and without a new medical school

From: Medical schools in India: pattern of establishment and impact on public health - a Geographic Information System (GIS) based exploratory study

Districts which did not have a medical school in 2009
(N = 463)
Opened a new medical school during 2009–2019Districts which did not have a medical school till date
Households with electricity9395.2b85.898.737090.477.097.8
Households using improved sanitation facility9348.8b32.968.237038.923.362.1
Households using clean fuel for cooking9332.5a21.248.437022.915.540.5
Women who are literate9369.8b58.678.737066.554.877.1
  1. aVery highly significant,bsignificant Mann-Whitney U test