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Table 4 Change in control and intervention group after six months

From: The transtheoretical model is an effective weight management intervention: a randomized controlled trial

VariablesUsual care control group (n = 35)Intervention group (n = 51)
BaselineAfter six monthsp valueBaselineAfter six monthsp value
Dieting behaviors
 Number of daily meals354.8± .97354.4± 1.1.0081514.5± 1.0514.8± 0.9.031
 Daily per capita sugar (g)3533.38.3–66.73541.713.9–66.7.7125128.312.5–55.55125.00.0–41.7.012
 Stage for portion control (%)      1.003      .013
  Pre-action1028.6 925.7 1427.4 713.7 
  Action2571.4 2674.3 3772.5 4486.3 
Food intake
 SFA (%)357.75.6–10.53510.17.4–13.70.0012518.47.8–10.55110.78.4–13.7<.0012
 MUFA (%)358.36.1–10.33510.37.2–13.5.012518.37.5–9.3519.47.8–3.2.0062
 Waist circumference (cm)3597.091.7–102.03596.582.0–102.0.8125194.088.3–99.05192.588.0–97.0.012
 Weight (Kg)3580.2± 12.33581.1± 11.5.0915180.4± 11.95179.9± 11.6.091
 BMI (kg/m2)3532.030.7–34.63532.930.8–34.8.0525133.031.0–34.95132.731.0–35.0.112
Biochemical parametersa
 Blood glucose (mg/dl)3592.586.7–101.03590.179.0–101.0.8325185.681.4–90.75182.772.6–87.0.012
  1. Note: MUFA, monounsaturated fatty acids; SFA, saturated fatty acids. BMI, body mass index. 1paired Student t test; 2Wilcoxon test, 3McNemar test. aSub-sample. Symmetric variables: mean ± standard deviation; asymmetric: median (P25 - P75)