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Table 3 Follow-up adherence to guidelines, perceived barriers and benefits of participants in the intervention group

From: The transtheoretical model is an effective weight management intervention: a randomized controlled trial

Variables (%)Intervention Group (n = 33a)p value1
After three monthsAfter six months
Guidelines put into practice3297.03297.11.000
 Followed all guidelines1854.51545.5
 Followed the guidelines for some time, but then abandoned them39.113.0
 Followed some of the guidelines1236.41339.4
 Tried to follow the guidelines, but were unable00.0412.1
Barriers to guideline adherence
 Lack of time725.0517.90.687
 Financial difficulties418.214.50.250
 Lack of willingness/motivation517.9725.00.754
 Without difficulties825.0721.91.000
Benefit from nutritional health counseling3093.83196.91.000
 Weight reduction930.0930.01.000
 Health improvement526.3631.61.000
 Improved biochemical parameters413.3413.31.000
 Improved intestinal functioning620.0620.01.000
  1. Note: n refers to the actual number of responses to each item. Variables “Barriers to guideline adherence” and “Benefit from nutritional health counseling”: respondent could choose more than one answer options
  2. 1McNemar test. aData loss due to lack of information