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Table 1 Description of variables (N = 816)

From: Inequalities in health-related quality of life and the contribution from socioeconomic status: evidence from Tibet, China

VariablesTotal sample (N = 816)Female (N = 426)Male (N = 390)
Marital Status
Brush teeth every day
Medical examination
 Within three kilometers32239.4617942.0214336.67
 Three kilometres away49460.5424757.9824763.33
Chronic diseases
Socioeconomic Status
Educational Level
 Elementary and above30337.1312830.0517544.87
Poor housing conditions
Eqpcinc (thousand Yuan)7.158.626.888.477.448.78
Income-based group
 Quintile1 (poor)40850.0021851.1719048.72
 Quintile2 (rich)40850.0020848.8320051.28
Below the international poverty line a
Eq-5d index0.740.180.730.180.750.18
  1. a The variable is defined if the per capita income of an individual is below the international poverty line ($ 1.9 a day). Since the 2011 PPPs for Rural China is 3.04, the international poverty line for China rural residents is 1.9*3.04*365 = 2108.24 Yuan. If the per capita income of an individual was less than 2108.24 Yuan, the individual lived below the international poverty line