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Table 1 Characteristics of participants (N = 647)

From: Moderation effect of emotion regulation on the relationship between social anxiety, drinking motives and alcohol related problems among university students*

  M (SD) or n (%)
Age 20.92 (3.20)
Female 445 (68.8%)
Social Anxiety Disorder
 SIAS >40a 157 (24.3%)
 SPS > 28a 147 (22.7%)
Alcohol Use Disorder
 AUDIT ≥12b 172 (22.6%)
  1. SIAS Social Interaction Anxiety Scale, SPS Social Phobia Scale, AUDIT Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test
  2. aClinical cut-off scores of the Korean version of the SIAS and the SPS (Kim et al., 2013 [33]), bClinical cut-off score of the Korean version of the AUDIT (Lee et al., 2000 [34])