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Table 3 Control variables and its influence on religious belief

From: The effect of religious belief on Chinese elderly health

VariablesMean/PercentageMinMaxCoef.95% CI
Age66.7726090−0.001(− 0.021, 0.020)
Marital Status83.4%01−0.108(−0.409,0.194)
Baseline Health3.708150.029(−0.074,0.132)
Family Size3.8511140.035(−0.019,0.089)
Household Registration44.5%010.302**(0.059,0.544)
Educational level
 Illiterate (ref)53.3%01//
 Primary school24.4%010.051(−0.224,0.327)
 Junior middle school13.9%01−0.317(− 0.698,0.064)
 Senior middle school5.8%01−0.280(−0.833,0.272)
 College and above2.6%01−0.596(−1.535,0.343)
 The average household income8.7381.46612.850−0.113**(−0.203,-0.024)
 Medical Insurance89.8%010.267(− 0.121,0.656)
 East (ref)45.5%01//
 Pseudo R20.026    
  1. Notes: * p < 0.1; ** p < 0.05; *** p < 0.01. The covariates used in this part are all from the base period. In the second column, mean corresponds to continuous variables and percentage corresponds to dummy variables. SD CI is the confidence interval