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Table 1 Study sample (n = 23)

From: Participation of adults with cognitive, physical, or psychiatric impairments in family of origin and intimate relationships: a grounded theory study

Age in years
Marital status
 Married or in registered same-sex partnership3
 Primary labor market a3
 Reinsertion measure into primary labor market1
 Secondary labor market a12
 Disability insurance pension (without working)5
 Non distinctive2
Type of impairment
 On their own6
 With a partner3
 On their own (with personal assistance)2
 Assisted living / residential care (external living unit)6
 Own apartment with relatives1
 With parents / in the family of origin5
 The Grisons2
  1. a The primary labor market is the regular labor market. In the secondary labor market, employees receive no wages or reduced regular wages, because they are temporarily or constantly unemployed. Specialized firms receive money to provide appropriate jobs. These secondary labor market programs aim, for example, at vocational integration. Or they provide a longer-term daily structure for people with very few employment opportunities in the primary labor market (e.g., people with severe disabilities)