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Table 2 Descriptives by early social disadvantage in Helsinki Birth Cohort 1934–1944 (HBCS1934–1944), Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966 (NFBC1966) and Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986 (NFBC1986)

From: Early exposure to social disadvantages and later life body mass index beyond genetic predisposition in three generations of Finnish birth cohorts

Early social disadvantage
Early social disadvantage
Early social disadvantage
 HighIntermediateLow HighIntermediateLow HighIntermediateLow 
 n%n%n% n%n%n% n%n%n% 
 398315614431825 146325290050144425 168225336350167225 
 n\( \overline{x} \)sdn\( \overline{x} \)sdn\( \overline{x} \)sdp.n\( \overline{x} \)sdn\( \overline{x} \)sdn\( \overline{x} \)sdp.n\( \overline{x} \)sdn\( \overline{x} \)sdn\( \overline{x} \)sdp.
BMI39828.25.556127.44.531827.74.30.046146327.35.0290026.84.9144426.54.7< 0.00181821.53.8162521.43.777921.03.10.014
Mat BMI36626.63.050826.52.827326.53.20.67127623.73.5266723.23.2139822.62.7< 0.00181822.53.7162522.33.577921.92.7< 0.001
Men176312364116529 6194212544368047 40849.977647.837848.5 
Women222313254615322 8445816465776453 41050.184952.340151.5 
  1. aBMI was measured at age of approximately 62 years in HBCS1934–1944, 46 in NFBC1966 and 16 in the NFBC1986
  2. bMat BMI = maternal body mass index measured during late pregnancy in HBCS1934–1944
  3. cPRS BMI = in polygenic risk score for body mass index standardized values used