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Table 2 Descriptive statistics of age distributions within the areas characterised by having younger, mid-range and older populations

From: Relationships between health outcomes in older populations and urban green infrastructure size, quality and proximity

Age rangeYounger neighbourhoodsMid-age range neighbourhoodsOlder neighbourhoods
Mean %SDMean %SDMean %SD
Age: 20–2410·449.006.381.525.111.19
Age: 25–2910·416.096.931.804.891.51
Age: 30–4422·894·3321·282·2318·272·28
Age: 45–5915·694·5619·862·6721·342·45
Age: 60–643·781·385·881·107·611·54
Age: 65–744·921·647·811·1611·532·35
Age ≥ 6012·623·9820·391·7828·924·23