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Table 3 Clinical outcomes

From: Association of fine particulate matter exposure with acute noncardiovascular critical illnesses and in-hospital outcomes in patients receiving intensive cardiac care

 The 2-day average concentration of PM2.5 before ICCU admission 
Outcomes≤36 μg/m337-63 μg/m3≥64 μg/m3P value
(N = 804)(N = 773)(N = 760)
Primary endpoint42(5.2)56(7.2)79(10.4)< 0.001
 DAMA from hospital in ECC20(2.5)24(3.1)39(5.1)0.005
  DAMA from ICCU in ECC15(1.9)20(2.6)32(4.2)0.006
 All-cause Death in hospital22(2.7)32(4.1)40(5.3)0.011
  All-cause death in ICCU21(2.6)30(3.9)33(4.3)0.065
  1. Data are expressed as median (interquartile) or counts (percentage), as appropriate
  2. Abbreviation: PM2.5 particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter less than 2.5 μm, DAMA discharge against medical advice, ECC extremely critical condition, define as the composite of circulatory shock, electrical instability requiring emergency interventions, or acute respiratory failure with the need for mechanical ventilation