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Table 5 Factors associated with TST positive result

From: Prevalence of positive TST among healthcare workers in high-burden TB setting in Peru

VariablesPR (Bivariate analysis)95% CIPR (Multivariate analysis)95% CIP value
Overweight (BMI > 25)0.990.81–1.210.990.80–1.230.94
Household TB contacts1.180.90–1.561.020.73–1.420.90
Not using N95 mask1.130.89–1.451.080.85–1.380.54
Time working as HCW (>  120 months)1.441.16–1.771.521.19–1.950.001
  1. PR Prevalence ratio, BMI Body Mass Index, TB Tuberculosis, HCW Healthcare worker