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Table 3 Active and latent tuberculosis screening among HCWs

From: Prevalence of positive TST among healthcare workers in high-burden TB setting in Peru

Characteristic (n = 240)
Routine sputum sample during the last year
 Yes99 (41.3)
Chest radiography during the last year
 Yes128 (53.3)
Routine TST during the last year 
 Yes124 (51.7)
Cough for more than 2 weeks during the last year
 Yes59 (24.6)
Action taken (n = 59)
 Consult with physician18 (30.5)
 Sputum smear9 (15.3)
 Sputum smear + Chest X-Ray10 (16.9)
 Attributed to underlying disease10 (16.9)
 Self-medicated7 (11.9)
 None5 (8.5)
  1. Values are n (%)
  2. TST Tuberculin skin test, IPT Isoniazid preventive therapy