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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of HCWs

From: Prevalence of positive TST among healthcare workers in high-burden TB setting in Peru

Characteristic (n = 240)
Age, years, mean (SD)41.9 (11.2)
Female gender194 (80.8)
BMI, kg/m2, median (IQR)25.9 (5)
District of residence 
 SJL135 (56.3)
 Others105 (43.8)
Time of residency on SJL, years, median (IQR)25 (21.7)
Time working as HCW, months, median (IQR)120 (192)
Time working on Health Center, months, median (IQR)48 (151.5)
 Clinical staff 
  Physician22 (9.2)
  Nurse31 (12.9)
  Nursing technician48 (20)
  Obstetrician12 (5)
 Paramedical staff 
  Laboratory technician17 (7.1)
  Psychologist11 (4.6)
  Nutritionist5 (2.1)
 Support staff 
  Social worker6 (2.5)
 Administrative staff49 (20.4)
 Other staff39 (16.2)
Underlying disease
 HIV1 (0.4)
 DM9 (3.8)
 HTN14 (5.8)
 Asthma9 (3.7)
 Gastritis8 (3.3)
 Cancer3 (1.2)
 Other25 (10.4)
  1. Values are n (%) unless noted otherwise
  2. HCW Healthcare worker, SD Standard deviation, BMI Body mass index, IQR Interquartile range, SJL San Juan de Lurigancho, HIV Human immunodeficiency virus, DM Diabetes mellitus, HTN Hypertension