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Table 2 Multivariate logistic regression analysis of factors associated with occupational accident Goldtree (SL) Limited Company

From: Agro-industrial accidents linked to length of service, operation site and confidence in employer adherence to safety rules

VariablesORp - valueAOR95% CIp - value
Mill Department0.710.13.312.96–4.070.04
Length of work between 3 and 5 years0.450.012.221.64–7.040.03
Company’s commitment on OHS0.750.092.491.14–3.190.01
Excellent working logistics0.510.023.131.99–4.660.01
Compliance with OHS measures0.660.011.111.07–3.540.03
Availability of OHS personnel0.660.017.571.61–9.780.05