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Table 1 Formative research activities

From: Formative research to scale up a handwashing with soap and water treatment intervention for household members of diarrhea patients in health facilities in Dhaka, Bangladesh (CHoBI7 program)

Diarrhea patient, family caregiver, and health provider interviews
 • Explore WASH and patient care practices in health facilities to assist with adapting the intervention for delivery in public health facilities Diarrhea Patient, Government HospitalDiarrhea Patient, Private HospitalFamily Caregiver, Government HospitalFamily Caregiver, Private HospitalHealth Provider, Government HospitalTotal
Semi-structured interviews4167220
Key stakeholder interviews
 • Address research questions related to scalability of the intervention Health-Posting Government OfficialSenior ScientistTotal
Semi-structured interviews11112
Pilot household consultant interviews and group discussions
 • Learn about households’ experiences with the intervention and promoted behaviors, and seek advice for how to improve the intervention for the upcoming trial Standard MessagemHealth with no home visitsmHealth with 2 home visitsTotal
Semi-structured interviews-171128
Group discussions--2 (19 Participants)2