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Table 2 MERS-related clinical information and experiences of participants in MERS survivors, South Korea

From: Posttraumatic stress disorder and depression of survivors 12 months after the outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome in South Korea

CharacteristicsMeasureTotal (N = 63)
  N or mean% or range
Status at the point of infectionPatients2031.7
 Health care workers1523.8
Days of hospitalizationa 217–120
Days from symptoms to confirmed diagnosis 41–15
Total days of illness 239–150
Ventilator treatmentYes1219
ECMO treatmentYes46.3
Presence of a family member who died from MERSYes812.7
Financial supportYes4266.7
Information supportYes1422.2
  1. MERS, Middle East respiratory syndrome, ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
  2. aThree cases did not answer the question