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Table 8 Pharmacist quotes regarding Motivation

From: Expanding access to HIV testing through Canadian community pharmacies: findings from the APPROACH study

Professional role and satisfaction
“Accessibility is really a big thing, like lots of people don’t have family doctors so they don’t know where to go to like get a lab [requisition] for a test so being able to just walk in to a pharmacy would be awesome to just get the test done right away… cause pharmacists like, there’s ample of us everywhere.”
“I actually felt bad when the study ended and I had to send them somewhere else to get their testing.”
Important service
“[HIV POCT] just gave them a huge sense of relief, at least from the screening point of view that they knew their status or at least got a result immediately so … there is definitely a lot of value that I kind of learned from through the patients eyes… of this tool and just being accessible for the community”
Need for staff support
“When a pharmacist is doing testing in the private room with the client, the remaining staff have to cover off that pharmacist’s job in the dispensary, which creates more work. This might lead to resentment and may contribute to subtle negative feelings that could be picked up by clients and create a less than welcoming atmosphere if the entire team is not supportive of offering a testing program.”