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Table 6 Pharmacist quotes regarding Capability

From: Expanding access to HIV testing through Canadian community pharmacies: findings from the APPROACH study

Benefits of training
“It definitely does help to have that support available to receive feedbacks when its needed… support is basically a big thing for me and you guys being there to provide that training session and just giving that feedback right on the spot where you guys even said okay, we’ll stop the interaction, here’s what I think, I think those are, some of those feedbacks you guys gave me I still remember them so, definitely helps to approach the training session in that manner.”
Benefits of previous practice experience
“I feel like as pharmacists we deal with stuff, you know death and everything, and when that happens [positive POCT result]…it didn’t happen to us, thankfully… but if it did, I felt ok to deal with it.”
Confidence to provide HIV POCT service
“As soon as you had that experience after a few [tests]… I was able to more confidently speak about the process and about HIV in general when I wasn’t so focused on doing this, and then this and then this, I was able to kind of make it more fluid interaction and it was then that people opened up a lot more.”
Apprehension of delivering a positive HIV POCT result
“This was different because there was that looming potential for something to happen right then and there that could change somebody’s life and just knowing that you might be the one to have to deliver the news was, I think just another added stressor”