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Table 3 Participant perceptions of their HIV POCT experience

From: Expanding access to HIV testing through Canadian community pharmacies: findings from the APPROACH study

Post-test Questionnaire Item
(with a percentage continuous response scale)
1. How comfortable did you feel today getting your HIV test at the pharmacy?12188.6695.00
2. How confident are you that the pharmacist did a good job of administering your HIV test today?12296.93100
3. How likely are you to also get tested for other infections (e.g., hepatitis C or syphilis), based on the pharmacist’s advice today?12183.1495.00
4. How important was each of the following factors in helping you decide to get an HIV test at this pharmacy today?
 a. We keep your test results private (confidential)12089.4297.50
 b. The HIV test uses a finger-prick sample (instead of a blood test)12080.3595.00
 c. Your test results are available to you immediately (within minutes)12096.08100
 d. We have a private room for testing and consultation12094.87100
 e. The testing is free12088.7898.00
 f. You did not need to make an appointment86c91.22100
5. Would you be willing to pay for an HIV test at a pharmacy if it were offered as a regular service? 
 Yes →12278.69% (96/122)
 How much would you be willing to pay? $________d92$29.43$20.00
 No →12221.31% (26/122)
6. How likely are you to recommend to your friends that they get tested for HIV at a pharmacy?12092.80100
7. Do you think that HIV testing should be offered through pharmacies?
 Yes →12299.2% (121/122)
 No →1220.8% (1/122)
  1. c Only NL respondents are included as AB pharmacies offered testing on a per-appointment basis only
  2. d Based on responses from those clients who expressed willingness to pay for the service