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Table 2 Self-harm episode rates among asylum seekers in Australian onshore immigration detention between 1 August 2014 and 31 July 2015, as well as the average adult population figures, by held detention type and individual detention facility

From: Self-harm among asylum seekers in Australian onshore immigration detention: how incidence rates vary by held detention type

 Average adult population figures*Episode rate per 1000CI (95%)
Wickham Point IDC**93290256–323
Maribyrnong IDC119512467–556
Perth IDC30533487–578
Christmas Island IDC331290256–323
Villawood IDC354178152–204
Yongah Hill IDC4069172–110
IDCs Total1333225195–254
Adelaide ITA23173147–198
Brisbane ITA62467425–509
Melbourne ITA132492447–536
ITAs Total217452410–493
APODs Total***601265233–296
  1. *The DIBP [19] statistics these population figures are extracted from refer to asylum seekers as “illegal maritime arrivals”. Total average population figures for the onshore immigration detention population displayed here vary slightly (by 1%) to those we have reported elsewhere [11] due to a lag in the DIBP’s reporting of figures for individual facilities and/or held detention types.** Wickham Point IDC did not record population figures from January 2015 onwards, so calculated episode rates are for a 5 month period only. *** A combined self-harm episode rate was calculated for APODs on the mainland, as well as for APODs on Christmas Island. Whilst APODs on Christmas Island were reported to have closed in late 2014, self-harm incidents were recorded as occurring in these facilities after this time