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Table 1 Tools, scale of measurement, and measurements that will be obtained annually 2019–2024. Individual-level refers to measurements collected from individual household participants and area-level refers to measurements collected within and at some points around a park

From: Study of active neighborhoods in Detroit (StAND): study protocol for a natural experiment evaluating the health benefits of ecological restoration of parks

Tool/VariableIndividual or area-levelMeasures obtained
SurveyIndividualDemographics, perceptions of neighborhoods, disease and medication history, diet, perceived stress score, anxiety and depression symptoms, nature-relatedness, perceived safety, acute illness
Physical activity (PA)IndividualTotal activity counts, Moderate-to-vigorous PA, when combined with GPS – green PA
GPSIndividualTime spent in park, time spent in view of park, when combined with PA – green PA
Cortisol samplesIndividualTotal concentration, slope of cortisol from waking to evening
Dried blood spotsIndividualC-reactive protein
Finger-stick A1CIndividualHemoglobin A1C levels
Plant surveysAreaPlant diversity of park, invasive species versus native species
SOPARCAreaUsage of park
Signs of careAreaMaintenance level of park
Bird surveysAreaBird diversity of park
360 imageryAreaGreenness of park, negative visual exposures, signs of disorder
AudioMoth acoustic recordersAreaBird species, insects, sound diversity, noise
Weather stationAreaDaily precipitation, high temperature