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Table 2 The differences in mean steps/day between school and weekend days by level of physical activity in girls and boys

From: Composition of weekly physical activity in adolescents by level of physical activity

GenderLevel of physical activitynSchool daysWeekendtpd
Boyslower23077071669582126249.14< 0.0010.575a
middle24811,2801663944433466.57< 0.0010.398a
Girlslower375771715436040236111.47< 0.0010.565a
middle42211,2161542991829027.13< 0.0010.331a
  1. M Mean, SD Standard deviation, t Dependent sample test, p Level of significance, d – Cohen’s effect size coefficient, asmall effect size, lower – mean < 9000 steps/day, middle – mean 9000–12,999 steps/day, higher – mean ≥ 13,000 steps/day