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Table 2 Comparing discord-promoting, political, risk-increasing characteristics among tweets with and without misinformation

From: Misinformation and the US Ebola communication crisis: analyzing the veracity and content of social media messages related to a fear-inducing infectious disease outbreak

Tweet CharacteristicTweets Containing MisinformationTweets Without Misinformationχ2
P valueDegrees of freedom
Promotes discord45%26%40.38< 0.0011
Political36%24%15.87< 0.0011
Risk Increasing76%39%127.58< 0.0011
  1. Table 2: Chi-squared testing found that content promoting social discord, political statements, and risk increasing messaging were all more common in tweets containing misinformation compared to tweets without misinformation. Percentages of tweets with or without misinformation that contain the tweet characteristic of interest are provided, as well as the χ2 value, p-value, and degrees of freedom.