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Table 2 Top 3 International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) diagnoses for primary Clinical Classifications Software (CCS) categories identified in cluster analysis

From: Multimorbidity and quality of life after blast-related injury among US military personnel: a cluster analysis of retrospective data

CCS category

Top 3 ICD-9-CM diagnoses (%)

Adjustment disorders

Unspecified adjustment reaction (25.7)

Adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood (24.4)

Adjustment disorder with anxiety (23.8)

Anxiety disorders

Posttraumatic stress disorder (62.5)

Anxiety state, unspecified (26.1)

Other acute reactions to stress (5.8)

Back problem

Lumbago (43.4)

Cervicalgia (18.1)

Pain in thoracic spine (13.0)


Headache (35.2)

Other headache syndromes (30.1)

Posttraumatic headache, unspecified (10.7)

Intracranial injury

Late effect of intracranial injury without mention of skull fracture (41.8)

Intracranial injury of other and unspecified nature (24.9)

Concussion with loss of consciousness of 30 min or less (6.5)

Open wound extremity

Traumatic amputation of leg, unilateral, below knee (10.1)

Traumatic amputation of leg, unilateral, at or above knee (9.0)

Traumatic amputation of leg, bilateral (7.2)

Open wound head, neck, trunk

Open wound, multiple sites (17.1)

Open wound of buttock (10.3)

Open wound of ear drum (7.5)

Other connective tissue

Muscle weakness (37.3)

Pain in limb (29.1)

Myalgia and myositis (4.7)

Other joint disorder

Difficulty in walking (17.3)

Pain in joint, lower leg (16.1)

Pain in joint, ankle and foot (13.0)

Other nerve disorder

Abnormality of gait (44.9)

Lesion of ulnar nerve (4.3)

Other chronic pain (4.0)

Other injury

Posttraumatic wound infection (14.2)

Other specified sites, including multiple injury (11.3)

Head injury, unspecified (9.0%)