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Table 2 Situational analysis of physical activity among adults age 18–69-year-old in Vietnam, 2015

From: Adverse influence of multilevel socioeconomic status on physical activity: results from a national survey in Vietnam

 MaleFemaleBoth gender
%95% CI%95% CI%95% CI
Percentage of respondents not meeting WHO recommendations on PA for health20.217.8–22.635.732.7–38.728.125.9–30.2
No work-related PA39.836.7––59.648.145.6–50.7
No transport-related PA64.260.8–67.750.547.2–53.857.354.6–59.9
No recreation-related PA66.263.1–69.474.772.3–77.270.668.5–72.6