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Table 2 Summary of data collection – location, method, timing and topic

From: Protocol for the trial to establish a causal linkage between mycotoxin exposure and child stunting: a cluster randomized trial

Research VisitRecruitment6 month9  montha12 month12 monthb15 montha18 month
LocationHomeHealth FacilityHealth FacilityHealth FacilityHomeHealth FacilityHealth Facility
Randomized intervention begins    Randomized intervention ends
Data Collected
 Household composition, socioeconomic statusI     I
 WASH practicesI/O   I/O I/O
 Exposure to CHW education; infant morbidityIIII II
 Access to health careHCHCHCHCHCHCHC
 Household food security and maternal dietary diversity I I  I
 UNICEF/WHO feeding indicators; Porridge- specific feeding practice III II
 Adherence to intervention (intervention group only)  III/OII
 24 h recall    I  
 Food collection    I  
 Anthropometry (length, weight, MUAC, head circumference) M M  M
 Blood T T  T
 Urine TTT TT
  1. HC Health Card, I Interview, M Measurement, O Observation, T Test, aCohort only, bCohort sub-set