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Table 2 The twelve Sugira Muryango modules

From: Promoting parent-child relationships and preventing violence via home-visiting: a pre-post cluster randomised trial among Rwandan families linked to social protection programmes

• Module 1: Family Narrative
• Module 2: The importance of early stimulation and play
• Module 3: Building early communication skills
• Module 4: The importance of good nutrition
• Module 5: The importance of good hygiene
• Module 6: The importance of good health
• Module 7: Managing the stresses of parenting and family life
• Module 8: Resolving conflicts in the home
• Module 9: The important role that everyone plays in raising a baby well
• Module 10: Good parenting is better than being born well
• Module 11: Making the home a place where a baby’s brain can grow
• Module 12: With a united family, anything is possible