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Table 1 Community Based Coaches (CBCs): training, supervision and incentives

From: Promoting parent-child relationships and preventing violence via home-visiting: a pre-post cluster randomised trial among Rwandan families linked to social protection programmes

• Selection criteria: a) Live in the beneficiary households they will deliver the intervention to; b) be Rwandan; c) Be aged 18 or older; d) be able to write, read, and count in Kinyarwanda, d) be committed to young children and family values e) have the required amount of time to carry out the Sugira Muryango intervention with a select number of households; d) be recommended and approved by local community and authorities
• Three-week training session delivered by trained supervisors.
• Training included role-play-based learning, active coaching practice, techniques for engaging fathers, strategies for providing feedback to caregivers on early stimulation, conflict resolution, problem solving, and resource navigation.
• Supervision provided by Sugira Muryango supervisors who had been involved in previous pilot work.
• Supervision took the form of in-person supervision of the CBCs during the first three weeks of the intervention, and each supervisor shadowed each CBC once in the home. Telephone supervision and peer support groups occurred weekly, and group supervision was held once a month.
• CBCs audiotaped the home-based sessions, which were reviewed by a supervisor for fidelity monitoring.
  1. CBCs were stipended according to local practices (28,000 Rwandan Francs per month for a caseload of five families), visiting weekly for a period of three months and participating in all training and supervision