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Table 1 Themes, sub-themes and examples of quotes

From: Implementing a layperson post-crash first aid training programme in Tanzania: a qualitative study of stakeholder perspectives

ThemesSub-themesExample of quotes
Motivation for engaging in trainingPerceived benefits of first aid training“This training will build our skills so we can be able to do something. Actually, I have never received such training in my life, so it will be good to be [there] in person.”
Availability of incentives“You may invite 100 people to attend the training but without money to cover the expenses and time, many will not come.”
Constrains for engaging in trainingAvailability of time to attend training“You may expect many people to come (for the training) but you find only few come; this is because most of them have other important activities to attend to”
Accessibility of training“People are really busy … so to travel somewhere far to attend training may be a big challenge, certainly for me and others”
Training processesMethods of training delivery“Actually it will be very important if we actively practise like in a real situation, it will be difficult to forget … and it is more meaningful.”
Availability of first aid training materials and equipment“If you train us with sophisticated equipment it is good but may not be available in real life. Something that is available locally may be more useful.”