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Table 1 Self-Esteem power matrix in the context of nutrition and health status of adolescent who are lactating and pregnant

From: Power dynamics as a determinant of access and utilization of nutrition services by pregnant and lactating adolescent girls in Trans-Mara East Sub-County, Narok County, Kenya

Indicators of Self-EsteemCategories of Self-Esteem
Able to resolve nutrition and dietary problems on my own0.632 
Dependent on significant others to resolve nutrition and dietetics problems 0.560
Always push and get what she wants when seeking nutrition services from a health facility and somebody opposes her0.633 
Always get some way to deal with health and nutrition problems that confronts me.0.633 
Can overcome spouse/guardian/parents’ contrary decision to seek nutrition and health services0.598 
Can act to improve nutrition status through healthy eating during hard times0.446 
Decision to seek health and nutrition services is always directed by significant others (e.g. parents, spouse, guardian, siblings) 0.694
Always find it difficult to deal with health and nutrition problems that confronts me. 0.651
Overall Variance24.514.3
  1. Table present data on self-esteem as assessed based on eight indicators. The items were subjected to principal axis factoring and the results isolated two distinct factors loading cumulatively and accounting for 38.8% of total variance on self-esteem. Factor 1 intrinsic capability and Factor 2 extrinsic capability. Cum 0.4 is significant