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Table 5 Binary logistic regression predicting likelihood of food pantry usage by full-sample GMSR subscale scores, when adjusting for SNAP status X2 (8, 105) = 13.13 p = .11

From: Food insecurity and food pantry use among transgender and gender non-conforming people in the Southeast United States

 aOR95.0% C.I.p
Block 1 LLUP 
SNAP status   0.03
  Never received SNAPref   
  Ever received SNAP3.641.1311.670.03
Block 2
GMSR Subscales (full sample)
  Gender-related discrimination0.870.551.380.56
  Gender-related rejection0.810.521.260.35
  Gender-related victimization1.230.841.800.30
  Non-affirmation of gender identity0.980.881.080.65
  Internalized transphobia0.990.921.060.75
Constant2.06  0.63