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Table 8 Information parents felt was lacking from the information letter

From: Communication of children’s weight status: what is effective and what are the children’s and parents’ experiences and preferences? A mixed methods systematic review

• A better explanation regarding it’s purpose [53, 76]
• A clear statement of findings [60, 72]
• The procedures used and timeframe for when measurements took place [53, 76]
• Additional materials for addressing above normal BMI [53, 60, 63, 70, 72]
• Health risks to help parents recognize the potential long term consequences of a child being overweight or obese [69]
• A better explanation of how to interpret BMI data [63, 76, 77]
• Provision of more individually tailored information [69, 70, 77]
• How the results will be kept confidential [76]
• How the BMI screening program fits within the school districts’ larger plan to address overweight and obesity [76]
• Pictures and visual representations such as stoplight colours to represent BMI [72]