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Table 2 Number and percentage of the correctly answered questions related to KAP in health and non-health related majors

From: Antibiotic use and resistance: an unprecedented assessment of university students’ knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP) in Lebanon

 Number (Percentage) of Respondents Giving a Correct Answer
Non-health related majorHealth-related majorp-value
Knowledgen (%)n (%) 
 Effectiveness of antibiotics to treat bacterial/viral infections101 (36.9)381 (80.2)≤0.001
 Effectiveness of antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections51 (30.4)215 (47.3)≤0.001
 Effectiveness of antibiotics to treat malaria88 (57.5)208 (53.3)0.38
 Effectiveness of antibiotics to treat headaches41 (17.7)54 (11.6)0.02
 Effectiveness of antibiotics to treat fevers84 (37.2)188 (40.3)0.43
 When should you stop taking antibiotics once you had started the treatment?221 (80.7)452 (95.2)≤0.001
 Familiarity with terms related to antibiotic resistance155 (56.6)443 (93.3)≤0.001
 Is it okay to use antibiotics that were given to a friend or family member, as long as they were used to treat the same infection as you have?202 (85.2)435 (94)≤0.001
 Is it okay to buy the same antibiotics, if you’re sick and they helped you get better when you had the same symptoms before?163 (68.2)384 (84)≤0.001
 What do you think of a doctor who doesn’t prescribe antibiotics when the patient thinks that they are needed?120 (68.6)305 (83.1)≤0.001
 Does insufficient knowledge contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance?117 (84.7)398 (89.4)0.21
 Do you think that antibiotic resistance can result from inappropriate use of antibiotics?158 (89.2)425 (94.4)0.17
 Does skipping one or two doses of antibiotics contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance?101 (70.6)334 (82.3)0.003
 Do you think that the more antibiotics we use in society, the higher is the risk that resistance develops and spreads?143 (83.6)421 (90.5)0.01
 Can antibiotic resistance spread from one person to another?224 (81.8)357 (75.2)0.07
 Is antibiotic resistance an important and serious global public health issue?164 (83.6)441 (94.6)0.03
 Should pharmaceutical companies, in your opinion, develop new antibiotics?89 (89.6)306 (98.6)0.04
 Do you check the expiry date of the antibiotics before using it?204 (74.5)401 (84.4)0.001