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Table 4 Ranking and QI score of quality dimensions (9 = most important; 1 = least important; (Note: higher the QI, need more improvement; standard QI: 0.75)

From: Implementation fidelity of hospital based directly observed therapy for tuberculosis treatment in Bhutan: mixed-method study

Quality dimensionsAverage scoreRanking (%)Mean score (QI)Sub-components, QI > 0.75
Communication and information8.33930.8Side effects of drugs, and drug storage
Professional competence8891.7Home based treatment, physically examined, sputum examination, sputum result, close contact examination, and treatment observer
Availability of TB DOT services6.5721.5Waiting time, same health provider, service hour inconvenient, service available, and providers available
Patient-provider interaction and counseling5.67631Respect, sufficient time, deal with problem, discrimination, privacy and affects life
Support4.17464Transport support and food support
Affordability4440.4transportation cost
TB-HIV relationship3330.9TB-HIV, prevent HIV and HIV test
Infrastructure2.67301.1Sputum collection room, waiting room, sunlight available, provide mask, toilet usable and safe drinking water
Stigma2.67300.3No improvement required
  1. DOT Directly observed treatment, QI quality impact, TB-HIV Tuberculosis-Human immune virus