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Table 3 Prevalence of health risk behaviors among adolescents

From: Depressed mood, suicidal behaviors, and health risk behaviors among youths in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: the 2017 CNMI Youth Risk Behavior Survey

 Total (n = 1943)
Health risk behaviorsUnweighted Frequency (n)Weighted Frequency (%)
Violence-related behaviors
Carried a weapon26413.0
Physical fight41020.9
Forced sexual intercourse24513.1
Physical dating violence949.1
Bullied on school property46423.2
Substance use behaviors
Current smoking23112.4
Current alcohol use38123.3
Current marijuana use50226.0
Ever use of cocaine703.6
Ever use of heroin563.0
Ever use of methamphetamine593.4
Sexual behaviors
Currently sexually active39324.3
Sex with 4 or more in life995.9
Early risk-taking behaviors
Smoking under age 1332817.4
Drinking under age 1333618.7
Marijuana use under age 1323912.5
Sex under age 13694.1