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Table 5 Logistic regression model of determinants of CHE for health care of different kinds of complications among hypertensive patients in rural Shandong, China, 2016

From: Catastrophic health expenditure: a comparative study between hypertensive patients with and without complication in rural Shandong, China

VariablesOne complicationTwo or more complicationsNo complication
Household income     NA a  NA
 No1.0  1.0  1.0  
 No1.0  1.0  1.0  
Dibaoc     NA  NA
Education  NA  NA   
 None      1.0  
 Primary school      0.500.31–0.820.005
 Junior school      0.390.18–0.860.019
 Senior school or above      0.690.24–1.980.482
Living arrangements  NA  NA   
 Others      1.0  
 Empty-nest single      5.881.48–23.390.012
 Empty-nest couple      1.820.61–5.380.284
 Observations1013  91 2009   
 Adjusted R20.32  0.61 0.28   
  1. The P- values indicate statistical significance at 5% level
  2. a not applicable
  3. b Quartile 1(Q1) is the poorest and Quartile 4(Q4) is the richest
  4. c “Dibao” means low-income households in China, which living and medical aids from municipal governments and other welfare programs